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Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum is everywhere! Have you ever tried to remove it? traditional methods are not effective. High pressure power washing is the common method used in attempting to remove gum.

We can carry out chewing gum removal at night as this is usually more convenient for shops as there is less pedestrian traffic and it will not affect your business trading. Chewing gum usually builds up near entrances of buildings, smoking areas and bin areas. We use 3000psi hot pressure washers and steam cleaners depending on the surface and surroundings.

By simply injecting an environmentally friendly cleaning agent combined with the steam through the machine removes the chewing gum effectively leaving a slightly damp surface and no mess. When the steam and cleaning agent is released at the cleaning head at a temperature of approx 180°C it instantly heats up the gum and breaks the gum leaving little or no trace.

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