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Cleaning windows that are not easily accessible has always caused a problem for window cleaning companies in areas such big cities as Glasgow , Edinburgh and it is here that the water fed pole system comes into its own. The first and all important component of water fed pole window cleaning equipment is the water as this has to be completely pure. This is achieved in one of two ways, by reverse osmosis or by using a special extracting resin to remove 100% of the minerals, which then becomes de–ionised water.

The use of the water fed pole for window cleaning is very effective as the aggressive strength of pure water means that you do not need to use cleaning detergents on the windows therefore saving you money and time, plus it's better for the environment. Water does not like being pure and it attempts to return to its original state; therefore it actually absorbs dirt particles from the glass aiding the cleaning process behaving almost like a solvent.

Difficult to reach and wash windows in your premises should only ever be cleaned by a professional window cleaning company. Full Circle Cleaning use the very latest water fed pole system. This will result in the glass being clear and sparkling after we have left without all the risks commonly associated with traditional window cleaning methods.

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